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Office furniture can be made of various materials and completed in sets designed to arrange rooms in different ways. Many supporters use massive and heavy furniture made of wooden panels, but such furniture is rarely used in modern offices. A much better solution is to opt for systems based on furniture frames. Let‘s check what characteristics of this type of furniture are and why it is becoming more and more popular.

What distinguishes furniture using metal frames?

Furniture designed in systems that use metal frames provide great freedom in combining individual elements, while providing high functionality and high aesthetics. Metal frames for office furniture are offered as elements of the entire system. With their use, you can create both individual desks and design entire zones or open-space rooms. Thanks to the different sizes of individual elements, it is easy to adjust the shape and size of furniture to the conditions of the room and the needs of users.

Metal frames guarantee very high functionality and durability. Furniture made of these types of elements can be used for a long time without fear of damage or wear. A wide range of possibilities for matching furniture to the requirements of specific workstations in the form of available drawers, containers, covers or cable guides makes it easy to create highly customized solutions. Issues related to ergonomics are also important. The variety of solutions available for office furniture frames allow for shaping a working environment that fully complies with the principles of ergonomics. Thanks to this, the company gains additional incentives to increase the effectiveness of the actions taken.

In the case of office space arrangement, the aesthetics of the applied solutions are extremely important. Metal frames for office furniture are designed to not only guarantee excellent performance parameters, but also comply with the principles of good design. A great attention to detail, shape and harmony of individual parts gives you the chance to create a wonderful space. The aesthetics offered by individual frame designs will work in all offices, even the most elegant ones.


News, exhibitions



Warsaw Home 2019

From 3rd to 6th of October we took part in exhibition Warsaw Home 2019, during which we have presented new collections of elegant cabinet furniture ETÉRO and NEX. Novelties met with great interest from visiting Customers and Partners.



Index 2019

From 17th till 19th of September for the first time we participated in trade fair Workspace at INDEX 2019 in Dubai. This exhibition is one of the most important furniture events in region of Middle East.