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Modern office furniture must meet many requirements regarding performance parameters and aesthetics offered. What counts is not only the ergonomics and comfort they offer, but also their attractiveness and coordination to the office‘s image and decor. The ease with which they can be adapted to any space is also very important. It is especially important when you need to choose the right furniture for rooms of a complicated shape or with many internal partitions, which are very common in modern open spaces. The solution that meets all the most important criteria are office furniture frames. Thanks to the use of frames, individual modules can be combined independently and flexibly, creating a unique and perfectly matched arrangement of desks. Let‘s check what types of frames for office furniture are available and what effects can be obtained with them. 

Construction of the frame furniture

Furniture frames are the basis for arranging office space. The whole system includes all components necessary to create individual workstations or to build entire sequences of desks Depending on the selected model, the elements of the frames may contain various types of elements allowing for the proper layout of office furniture, including choosing their width. Construction systems are characterized by the fact that they give a lot of freedom in matching furniture to a particular purpose. Importantly, individual models differ from each other not only in the range of possibilities they offer in terms of spatial planning, but also when it comes to aesthetics and matching the entire style to the chosen style.

The design of office furniture in frame systems is based on load-bearing sets (ex. legs supporting the entire structure) and horizontal brackets. Some models, however, are created as load-bearing elements attached directly to the desktops. 

You can find constructions in which the load-bearing elements are made in various forms. These may include frames more similar to a traditional table or those whose shape resembles an inverted letter "V". 

One of the most important features of frame systems is not only the possibility of freely composing the shape of the entire structure, but also any choice of desktop type.

The availability of many elements that increase the functionality and usefulness of furniture is also important. Among the accessories, you can find a huge variety of drawers, wheels for individual furniture, or fittings that allow you to adjust the height or inclination of the desktop. 


News, exhibitions



Warsaw Home 2019

From 3rd to 6th of October we took part in exhibition Warsaw Home 2019, during which we have presented new collections of elegant cabinet furniture ETÉRO and NEX. Novelties met with great interest from visiting Customers and Partners.



Index 2019

From 17th till 19th of September for the first time we participated in trade fair Workspace at INDEX 2019 in Dubai. This exhibition is one of the most important furniture events in region of Middle East.